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Our Horses

Providing a safe haven

At Winged Horse Equine Welfare, we are proud to provide a haven for over 35 horses who have been rescued or surrendered, and lovingly rehabilitated. Each of these magnificent creatures has a unique story of resilience and triumph over adversity. Through dedicated care and rehabilitation programs, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in their physical health and emotional well-being. Some of these incredible horses are now ready to embark on their next chapter and are available for adoption to loving forever homes. By adopting one of these special equines, not only are you providing them with a second chance at life, but you are also enriching your own life with the companionship and joy that only a rescued horse can bring.


Many of our beautiful horses are ready to embark on their next chapter and are looking for loving forever homes. Please get in touch to discuss the horses available and the process of adopting a Winged Horse. 


Sponsoring a WH sentient helps to pay for their daily feeds, vet bills and other expenses such as the farrier, dentist and masseuse. As a registered charity, we rely on public donations to aid us in looking after all of our animals in care.
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