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    To make a positive difference, 
    we need to have a vision and take action.

​Sowing the seeds of kindness, one choice at a time

Our mission and purpose are to take in unwanted, neglected, abused and/or slaughter-bound horses and other animals to rehabilitate, support and eventually find each sentient their perfect forever home, where possible. While nurturing those in our care we also aim to educate the wider community about issues related to animal welfare, rescuing and rehabilitating at-risk horses, and how people can help our efforts.

Our Horses

We currently have over 30 horses in our care, and we are called to assist with animals in distress all the time. Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and where possible, rehome, the beautiful horses we are able to help.

Other Critters

We currently have many equines in our care and, despite horses being our primary rescue, we open our gates to other critters in need, namely alpacas, sheep & lambs, lots of chickens/roosters, guinea fowl, goats and pigs!

Raising awareness about welfare and rescues

​​​​​The Winged Horse Equine Welfare Inc. organisation is a not for profit, registered charity and has been formed to help horses and ponies in Australia; through raising awareness about issues related to animal welfare, rescuing and rehabilitating horses at risk, then rehoming to caring homes. Our organisation runs on gracious donations, so if you feel you are in a position to lend a hand, please Donate today.


Generous donations help to pay for the daily feeds, vet bills and other expenses such as the farrier, dentist and body workers. We are a registered charity and rely on public donations to aid us in looking after all of our animals in care.


A donation of any amount makes a huge difference to the animals in our care. Please pledge whatever you can.

Supported by the Victorian Community Support Fund

We have been able to continue our rescue and rehabilitation efforts thanks to the generous support of the Victorian Community Support Fund. The Winged Horse has received funding to improve our rescue centre, and provide for the animals in our care. 

Feed Bills

The VCSF has enabled us to purchase plenty of hay, feed and supplements for our animals.


We have built vital new structures for our animals such as shelters and sheds.


We have improved the fencing across the property to keep our animals safe and secure.


We have been able to develop a new website and perform some marketing activity.
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